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[txt; Rita]; Oh? What do you do for a living?

[text; Ebony] Gossip writer.

[text; Ebony] Which makes this kiiind of ironic.

[txt; Rita]: You don't say? This is quite ironic, haha.

[txt; Rita]: Although I doubt that I'm going to hear about this 'scandal' in the paper?


█{ ;; ♛ ;; }——;    —-❝No.


                                               You have done nothing wrong.❞

{♤};;— “Ah— well then—

                       Oh! How rude of me. 
                                Here I am having a conversation with you—
                        yet, I have not introduced myself at all.
                                                                My name is Ebony.”





[Text] Don’t I know it.

[txt; Rita]: I've learned to leave them alone, there's no reason for me to take their opinions into account.

[Text] Opinions are my bread and butter, so I can’t always do that.

[txt; Rita]; Oh? What do you do for a living?




{♤};;— “We can name him, if they left him in our hands with no name, then I imagine that we are meant to name him.” She glanced down at the baby that stared up at them with wide, viridian tiers. “Now— what to name him…”

"Caesar…what do you think"slow goes to walk closer, trying to smile "do you…think his mother is okay"

{♤};;— “Caesar—” Ebony hummed softly as she rocked the fussy baby in her arms, “For now, it will have to do. At least until we find his parents, or someone that is willing to take him in.” As much as Ebony adored children, her current situation wouldn’t allow it.

"What are you doing under there?" Asked Nero 



The blanket fort and trying not to disturb it too much, he was bigger than Ebony… It was warm and cozy, their combined body heat and proximity making the air around them warm. He always thought that two people in a confined space meant fear and hiding… This was nice.

{♤};;— Ebony smiled and ducked down, following him into the fort before letting the fabric fall back in place. Yet, it still let in enough light to let them see each other. Ebony folded her legs under herself as she glanced around with a smile. Once more, her grey eyes fell upon the silver-haired man before her, “Nero, it’s been quite a while since I have seen you, have have you been?” She asked gently. Ebony had constantly thought about him, wondering how he was and where he had disappeared to.



"This is fine. I don’t like it to be too spicy. Just a little kick is good enough." He began to eat, savoring every bite and sip of the homemade soup. "Homemade Japanese ramen used to do the trick,  but I always fail to make it correctly. Chicken soup is something you could never really fail. It always tastes exactly how you want it."

When he finally gets better, he’ll try again. But for now, this chicken soup is probably the best thing he’s ever had to date.

{♤};;— A quick sigh of relief blew past her pale lips, "Seems like I guessed accurately though." She chuckled as she watched him, and listened when he spoke, "I’ve made Japanese ramen before, but not very often." 

She did end up making different variations of it, and she had been surprised that it had turned out good, although there was much room for improvement, "I can’t say I’m an expert at it. Now, chicken soup? That is something that I have made often for others." A smile spread across her lips as she placed her hands on her lap. Grey eyes carefully watched the ill man, "Do you have any idea how you fell ill?" It hadn’t been something that she thought would happen, yet here he was, sniffly and very much sick.

Modern || Open 



The Mage often allowed herself to be too at ease, after a long life of constant nerves. Still, she scanned the area as well, making note of the lack of activity. Or- dangerous activity, save for the kids playing rough. “Not judge either. After all, we’ve all done some bad things in our lives. Some worse than others, but it’s all the same, really.” She spoke of herself, and the lives she took in the war. No matter if it was in defense, she still hated it.

She chuckled as well, leaning back. “Seems like we have similar friends. Ones you can’t live, or live without,” replied she, counting the clouds mentally. She seemed to relate to Ebony, even if their backgrounds were completely different. From what she could grasp, both had to grow from a past darkness by themselves. Such a shame, for someone so young.

{♤};;— A soft hum of agreement left the ivory-haired woman as she closed her eyes thoughtfully. Flashes of bloody massacres ran behind her eyelids, the shrieks of agony echoing along with the maniacal laughter that had fallen from her own lips. Opening her eyes quickly to wipe away the memories, “And we all wish to wipe the slate clean.” There was a hint of remorse in her tone, yet not as much as she truly felt within her.

A ghost of a smile tugged at the corners of her lips, “I couldn’t have said it better myself.” She leaned forward, a cold hand reaching out to scratch Steele behind the ear. Ebony knew that she needed a rock and an anchor at times. Vergil was one of the few people that could be that person to keep her grounded. “I always find it a shame that there are those that have to go through so much suffering though.” Came the soft whisper. The best people always seemed to have it the worst. Ever since she was a teenager, until this very say, practically 16 years later, she still didn’t understand why such calamities would befall those that never deserved such a fate.

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『☾』Avery couldn’t help but smirk. "Well, I haven’t been told that yet but who says it’ll never happen~ Well, everything’s a first nowadays, I must say." He replied.


{♤};;— "Well, as they have said, there are at least 7 people in this world that look like you. I’m sure you’l be able to find someone." Ebony had met one that looked like her, and had been told that she could pass off as a twin for another.


PAVONI Resort 2013

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   is your
[ m i n d]
ᴛ ʀ ɪ ᴄ ᴋ s 
   on you ?

OR  AM   
       — ?


                                       We’ve got  scars 
                                       from         battles
                                       N O B O D Y
                                       w          o          n

Title: Icarus
Artist: Bastille
Played: 494 times


30 Day Music Challenge Day 18: a song you’re currently obsessed with

Icarus by Bastille

Icarus is flying too close to the sun
And Icarus’s life, it has only just begun
And this is how it feels to take a fall
Icarus is flying towards an early grave

You put up your defenses when you leave
You leave because you’re certain
Of who you want to be